Drupal API Client 1.0 Release

We’re extremely excited to announce the 1.0 release of the Drupal API Client. This release includes a fully functional JSON:API client and completes our commitment as a result of funding from the ‘Pitch-burgh’ innovation contest.

Before diving into the details of some recent updates, let’s recap the state of the project now that it has reached 1.0.

What is the Drupal API Client?

The Drupal API Client is a set of JavaScript packages that simplify the process of interacting with common Drupal APIs. Most commonly, developers will use our JSON:API client to interface with Drupal’s JSON:API endpoints, but we also publish a base API Client package that can be extended, a client for Decoupled Router, and may support other Drupal APIs in the future.

The Drupal API Client takes great care to be framework-agnostic and universal. It can be used:

  • with your JavaScript framework of choice, vanilla JavaScript, or even in Drupal itself.
  • with or without TypeScript.
  • on the server, or on the client.
  • with a bundler, or as a script import from a CDN.

Recent Developments

See you at Stanford WebCamp and DrupalCon!

Moving forward, we hope to prioritize additional features for projects that could use our libraries as a dependency. Catch up with us at community events in May to learn more and share your use cases.

  • The Drupal API Client will be featured in a session at Stanford WebCamp. Sessions are free and virtual, so this is a great way to get a more detailed overview of the project.
  • We’ll be holding a Birds of a Feather discussion and participating in contribution events at DrupalCon Portland. The BOF will be on Monday, May 6 in room G129 at 4PM.

Beyond these events, we’re always available in the #api-client channel on Drupal Slack and monitoring our issue queue. Hope to see you there!