Recent Drupal Podcast Appearances

I’ve been lucky enough to be a guest on a few Drupal related podcasts recently, continuing my long standing trend of talking to anyone who will listen.

Drupal Easy Podcast: Back in January, Mike Anello had me on to talk about Front End Components on Episode 238. We mostly focused on the basics, which was a nice change of pace compared to the component integration talk I had been giving recently.

Talking Drupal: the folks at Talking Drupal recently decided to have a rotating co-host seat for four week stretches and were nice enough to invite me to be the first to occupy the seat. During my four week run I was lucky enough to chat about:

The Decoupled Menus discussion was especially enlightening as it clarified some of my misconceptions about the project (they aren’t shipping a menu component, instead they are making enhancements to Drupal to better support many menu components) and also gave me some ideas about how I might be able to contribute.

A huge thanks to Stephen, John and Nic for having me - it was a great experience. Looking forward to hearing from their future guest hosts.

On the topic of podcasts, I’d recommend the following recent non-Drupal podcasts that I thought were especially great: