Gearing Up For Midcamp 2021

Midcamp, my local Drupal Camp, is back March 24 - 27. Midcamp went virtual at the beginning of lockdown last year and while it was a rousing success, we were definitely making it up as we went along. This time around we’re trying a new format with an increased focus on community building which we’re also hoping will help combat the Zoom fatigue we’re all feeling. The schedule breaks down as follows:

  • Wednesday, March 24: Get Started with Drupal - content focused on introducing attendees to Drupal.
  • Thursday, March 25: Meet the Drupal Community - lightly structured community building activities.
  • Friday, March 26: Share Your Knowledge - a one day unconference format
  • Saturday, March 27: Give Back to the Project - Our traditional contribution day.

Within that schedule, here are a few things I’m extra excited about:

  • In addition to our traditional Zoom rooms, we’ll also have a space in for us to virtually socialize. I’ve been spending some time moving around sprites, and expect to have some surprises in store.
  • On Thursday, Matt Glaman will be leading a workshop on writing JavaScript tests using Nightwatch.js
  • And on contribution day, one of the featured initiatives will be adding additional test coverage to Drupal’s new Olivero theme.

Registration is pay what you want, and we’d love to see you there.

With any luck we’ll have an in-person component at Midcamp next year, which will also overlap with St. Patrick’s day. I’m workshopping the following tagline: Midcamp 2022: IRL in IRL.