Talks: Florida Drupal Camp 2021

Slides / Session Page

This was my second time giving this talk, and I kind of forgot how dense of a topic this is. One major update was a re-worked example of approaches to scoped styling:

(The sandbox probably doesn’t make a ton of sense without having someone walk through it. Might try to do a quick recording of it someday.) Next time I do this styling demo, it should go later in the presentation. I think people needed more of a foundation on web component concepts before we get this deep into styling specifics.

I also added an example of using web components with a JS framework - React in this case:

I think this example ended up being a little confusing because React and Web Components don’t play all that nice together. I’ll try to work up an example with a more web component friendly framework next time.

Also saw that I somehow found my way into being listed as a featured presenter on where I post my slides. Cool! (Less cool is the fact that my wife called me out on using a photo that is too old…) featured presenters

Other odds and ends:

  • The way the camp used was really fun. Hoping we can borrow some of FLDC’s great ideas for Midcamp.
  • Found out about Promet Source’s Provus project which is a component based Drupal stater site. We are working on a similar effort at Bounteous.
  • Hoping to check in on contribution day for a bit.