Help Build a Decoupled Menu Web Component at DrupalCon

Next week at DrupalCon North America as part of the Decoupled Menus Initiative I’ll be participating in the Decoupled Menu Hackathon. Members of the community will be coming together to build a variety of menu components using different approaches and frameworks as a way to exercise a new menu endpoint provided by the Decoupled Menus module, along with the infrastructure supporting the new general project type on

Leading up to DrupalCon I’ve also begun work on the Generic Drupal Web Components project. Starting with a menu component, it aims to create a library of generic web components that are accessible, framework agnostic, possible to style, and easy to use with data provided by Drupal. Here’s a quick video overview:

If you’re interested in getting involved, we could use your help! The Decoupled Menus Initiative Keynote on Tuesday April 13 is a great opportunity to catch up on the current status of the initiative. Following the keynote there will be related contribution efforts throughout the week of DrupalCon.

If you’re interested in working with the Generic Drupal Web Components project, there is a meta issue of tasks tagged for DrupalCon. Many of them involve seeing how far we can extend and re-theme the generic version of this component, which should leave room for a lot of interesting experimentation. Have other ideas? Leave a comment on the issue.

Web components not your thing? There is a similar meta issue for a menu component being built using React. Prefer another framework or have another wild idea? Try out the demo endpoint and see what you can come up with.

Looking forward to collaborating with everyone and seeing how many different ways we can represent data from a single menu endpoint. 🚀