As we’ve been waiting for the weather here in Chicago to fully break in the direction of springtime, I feel like the entire family has been feeling extra cooped up. One thing that we found ourselves turning to as a way to reset at the end of the day is Bluey. If you have a preschool age child, you’re probably already familiar with this show. But if you don’t, I’d encourage you to give it a try anyway. Everyone in my house is older than that target demographic and we all still love it.

Bluey centers around an Australian family of blue heeler dogs. There are tons of reasons to love the show, but for me the hook is the surprisingly realistic depiction of parenting. They have fun, make mistakes, and sometimes just want their kids to leave them alone. I’ve never seen anything like it on a show for preschoolers.

To top it all off, ‘Sleepytime’ isn’t just a great episode of a kids show, I’d rank it as one of my all time favorite episodes of television period.

I’d put Bluey right up there with vaccines on the list of things that have kept us going the past few months. 🐾